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Tomorrow's People / OPEN SOUL LP
Super Limited Edition

Alternative Handmade Silkscreened Picture Sleeve
with Test Press Vinyl (Serial Numbered)

tomorrow's people
tomorrow's people

A limited edition test pressing of Tomorrow's People / OPEN SOUL, recently sold on eBay for US $132.
The handmade silkscreened jacket features a portrait of a woman in bluish green with bright red lettering, carefully printed one at a time.
This album was produced in 1976 by a Chicago soul group led by the four Burton brothers and has become an ultimate collector's item among DJs and soul enthusiasts. One of the standout tracks on this album is "OPEN SOUL" an epic and groovy funk song that lasts over 20 minutes and is a dope dance track with phrases that repeat forever. The album also includes the deep soul tune "Lovers to friends", the superb funky tune "Let's Get With The Beat", and the fast instrumental funk "Hurt Perversion".

*This is an exclusive item available only here.

先日eBayにてUS $132で落札された、Tomorrow's People / OPEN SOULのテストプレスを限定で発売。
本作はバートン4兄弟を中心としたシカゴのソウルグループの1976年に制作されたアルバムで、DJやソウルマニアの間で究極のコレクターズアイテムとなっている作品。中でも一際光る存在の20分を越える壮大かつグルーヴィなファンク「OPEN SOUL」は、永遠と繰り返されるフレーズがドープなダンストラック。またディープなソウル曲「Lovers to friends」や極上のファンキー・チューン「Let’s Get With The Beat」、疾走感のあるインストゥルメンタルファンク「Hurt Perversion」などを収録。


(With tax ¥7,700)

*There is a limit of one per customer.

*Please note that these products are a limited editions and will end of sales as it runs out.

*We will ship your order as soon as we get it ready.

Susumu Yokota / symbol LP (Colored clear vinyl)
“Limited edition, first time on vinyl”


Susumu Yokota, widely known as a techno/house/electronica producer who led the Japanese scene at the dawn of rave culture, sadly passed away in 2015. His beautiful electronic masterpiece "symbol", released in 2004, is now available on vinyl.
"I made this with symbolism in mind. If you think about it, everything I've done has been symbolic. Spirits, angels, and souls have always been my themes," said Yokota at the time, and "symbol" sums up his aesthetic.
This deconstructed work, which depicts the beauty he pursues by cutting up fragments of classical music, has been newly remastered and is now available as a VGA exclusive set with colored clear vinyl (red or yellow) and a T-shirt. The charm of this work will finally be released to the world!


*We will ship your order as soon as we get it ready.

*Please note that these products are a limited editions and will end of sales as it runs out.

*Color clear vinyl (red or yellow) is not available for selection.

*The manufacturer of the T-shirt is United Athle and the thickness is 6.2 oz.
※TシャツのボディはUnited Athle 6.2 oz になります。



The special edition of the test pressing with the silkscreen printed jacket (Prototype) has been sold on auction(eBay). Thank you for all the bids. VINYL GOES AROUND plans to craft 30 copies of the silkscreen print edition with serial numbers. The jacket will be handmade with great care.
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テストプレスにシルクスクリーン・ジャケットを付けた特別版の販売をeBayで行いました。 沢山のご入札ありがとうございました。VINYL GOES AROUNDではこちらのシルクスクリーン・エディション・シリアルナンバー付きを30枚限定で販売予定です。ジャケットは手作りで大切に作っています。

Tribe Records

The first feature is on Tribe Records, a black spiritual jazz label who has always introduced black culture, founded by Phil Ranelin and Wendell Harrison, whose works are important in P-VINE’s catalog. Founded in Detroit in 1972, their five-year activities, such as sophisticated jazz-based sound with funkiness and the publication of self-produced magazines, are still influential and never faded. The message they have expressed through sound, language, and visuals, wishing for a "society that blacks are respected," should be paid attention now that discrimination is taken up in various ways.

第一弾として取り上げるのは、ブラック・カルチャーを常に紹介してきたPヴァインのカタログでも重要な、フィル・ラネリンとウェンデル・ハリスンによって設立されたブラック・スピリチュアル・ジャズのレーベル、Tribe Records。1972年のデトロイトで産声を上げ、洗練されたジャズをベースにしたファンクネスなサウンドや、自主で制作されたマガジンの出版など、5年間に渡ったその活動は現代においても影響力が強く全く色あせない。音、言葉、ビジュアルを通して彼らが発信してきた、「黒人が尊重される社会」を願ったそのメッセージは差別が様々な形で取り上げられる今こそ、目を向けるべきである。

A Message From The Tribe

An official T-shirt made with the motif of a jacket with a alternative pattern from Wendell Harrison & Phillip Ranelin "Message From The Tribe".
Also a limited version will be on sale as a set with the 7 inch reissue (silkscreen jacket) of Wendell Harrison And The Tribe’s “Farewell To The Welfare”.(190limited With serial number)

Tribeの名盤、Wendell Harrison & Phillip Ranelin "Message From The Tribe"の柄違いのジャケットをモチーフに製作したオフィシャル・Tシャツ。
Wendell Harrison And The Tribe ‎– Farewell To The Welfareのリイシュー7インチ付き(シルクスクリーン・ジャケット)も限定で販売します。(190枚限定。シリアルナンバー付き)

Exclusively until July 19
* Once the period ends, only one color for each design will be available.


Since each 7inch jacket is printed by hand, there are slight differences in the appearance.


We will ship your order as soon as we get it ready.


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    • Height
    • 71
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    • 81
    • Width
    • 46
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    • 61
    • 66
    • Sleeve length
    • 41
    • 45
    • 49
    • 53
    • 57

* Purchases from outside Japan are tax exempt
* Cancellation is not possible after booking
* The shipping date is scheduled for mid-August.
* Payment can be made by paypal, credit card, or cash on delivery (only in Japan).
* Paypal will be settled at the time of ordering
* Credits will be settled at the time of shipment


Our concept

P-VINE starts a new project "VINYL GOES AROUND".

We will keep contributing to increasing the value of vinyl records around the world. First of all, we will start buying/selling used records, we will also develop exclusive products and sell rare items available only from us. Then here will be a place where people will gradually gather, a small community be formed, develops into a place where collectors from all over the world can connect each other, finally, our goal, there will be a marketplace where vinyl records are easy to obtain. Wish vinyl records will be reach people all around the world. ~Vinyl Goes Around~


私たちは世界中のヴァイナル・レコードの価値を高めることに貢献していきます。 まずは、中古レコードの買取りと販売をスタートさせると同時にエクスクルーシヴ商品の開発をし、ここでしか買えないレアなアイテムを販売していきます。そして徐々にここに人が集まり、将来的には小さなコミュニティーが生まれ、世界中のコレクター同士が繋がる場へと発展し、レコードを手に入れやすいマーケットプレイスが形成されることを目指します。
たくさんのレコードが世界中の皆様に届くように~Vinyl Goes Around~

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