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We will be selling T-shirts featuring the design of the cover of the live album by The Wooden Grass, led by Billy Wooten, who attracts jazz fans and soul/rare groove fans alike.
Billy Wooten is a vibraphonist who has recorded Grant Green's "Visions" and Richard Evans' "Dealing With Hard Times," and has also recorded some great albums of his own.In addition to his live albums, we will also be selling T-shirts with valuable photos of his performances.
We will also sell a limited set of 7 inches of his representative song, "In The Rain".

The T-shirts will be sold exclusively by VGA, so please take this opportunity!

ジャズ・ファンからソウル/レアグルーヴ・ファンまで魅了するBilly Wooten率いる、The Wooden Grassのライヴ・アルバムのジャケットのデザインを使用したTシャツを販売します。
Billy WootenはGrant Greenの"Visions"や、Richard Evansの"Dealing With Hard Times"のレコーディングにも参加しているヴィブラフォン奏者であり、自身でもいくつかの名盤を残したインディアナポリスのアーティスト。
また、彼の代表的な曲、"In The Rain"の7インチも限定でセット販売。


featuring BILLY WOOTEN
In The Rain / Day Dreaming 7inch

This is a 7" cut of a major track from Billy Wooten's exciting live album.
"In The Rain" is a cover song by The Dramatics, featuring melancholy vibraphone, distorted organ, and a strong, machine-like beat, which MADLIB also used in his own work. It is a jazz classic from the 70's that has captivated many people with its HIP HOP-like sound of the build-up from the middle part and the repeated phrases in the latter half.
The coupling track is "Day Dreaming," a classic by the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. The song is a fast-paced jazz funk with a strong vibraphone playing intensely.
This album has a special edit and is recorded at 45 rpm. This is a limited production, so the item may get a premium in the market. Don't delay!

Billy Wootenのエキサイティングなライヴ・アルバムから主要な曲を7インチ・カット。
哀愁のあるヴィブラフォンの演奏と、歪んだオルガン、マシーンの様に一定に刻む強烈なビートが奏でるザ・ドラマティックスのカヴァー「In The Rain」はかつてMADLIBも自身の作品で使用した曲。中盤以降の盛り上がりと、後半の繰り返されるフレーズがまるでHIP HOP的なサウンドで、多くの人を虜にした70年代のジャズの名曲です。
カップリングにはソウルの女王、アレサ・フランクリンの名曲、「Day Dreaming」を収録。疾走感ある曲で、激しく演奏するヴィブラフォンが強烈なジャズファンク。

*Orders outside Japan are not subject to consumption tax.

*The products will be shipped in Mid-March 2022.
※商品の発送は 2022年3月中旬ごろを予定しています。

*Please note that these products are a limited editions and will end of sales as it runs out.

*The manufacturer of the T-shirt is GILDAN 2000 Ultra Cotton 6.0 oz Short Sleeve T-Shirt
※Tシャツのボディはギルダン 2000 6.0オンス ウルトラコットン Tシャツになります。

*THE WOODEN GLASS featuring BILLY WOOTEN - In The Rain / Day Dreaming will be a general distribution item.
※THE WOODEN GLASS featuring BILLY WOOTEN - In The Rain / Day Dreaming は一般流通するアイテムとなります。

Exclusive Item

* Purchases from outside Japan are tax exempt
* Cancellation is not possible after booking
* The shipping date is scheduled for mid-August.
* Payment can be made by paypal, credit card, or cash on delivery (only in Japan).
* Paypal will be settled at the time of ordering
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P-VINE starts a new project "VINYL GOES AROUND".

We will keep contributing to increasing the value of vinyl records around the world. First of all, we will start buying/selling used records, we will also develop exclusive products and sell rare items available only from us. Then here will be a place where people will gradually gather, a small community be formed, develops into a place where collectors from all over the world can connect each other, finally, our goal, there will be a marketplace where vinyl records are easy to obtain. Wish vinyl records will be reach people all around the world. ~Vinyl Goes Around~


私たちは世界中のヴァイナル・レコードの価値を高めることに貢献していきます。 まずは、中古レコードの買取りと販売をスタートさせると同時にエクスクルーシヴ商品の開発をし、ここでしか買えないレアなアイテムを販売していきます。そして徐々にここに人が集まり、将来的には小さなコミュニティーが生まれ、世界中のコレクター同士が繋がる場へと発展し、レコードを手に入れやすいマーケットプレイスが形成されることを目指します。
たくさんのレコードが世界中の皆様に届くように~Vinyl Goes Around~

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