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"Singin' The Blues" and "The Great B.B. King"
Original T-shirts
With 180g Heavyweight Black Vinyl LP
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B.B.KING, the undisputed king of the blues.
We will be selling a limited number of T-shirts featuring the jacket designs of his two albums.
One is from "Singin' The Blues" , his first album for Crown Records, is one of the greatest blues albums of all time and spent five consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the R&B charts.
Another is from "The Great B.B. King" is a collection of his performances at the height of his powers, including the masterpiece "Sweet Sixteen".
In addition, a set of "Singin' The Blues" and "The Great B.B. King" will be sold with the heavy weight LP, however T-shirts will only be available on VGA.
Get your hands on B.B.'s masterpiece and his soulful T-shirt, where the essence of the blues can be fully appreciated!

言わずと知れたブルースの王者、B.B.KING。彼がCrown Recordsに残したアルバムから、ファースト・アルバムにしてR&Bチャート5週連続1位に輝いたブルース史上最高の名盤の1つである『Singin' The Blues』と、傑作「Sweet Sixteen」を筆頭に脂ののった彼の演奏が詰まった『The Great B.B.King』、その2枚のジャケット・デザインを使用したTシャツを限定販売します。
さらに、『Singin' The Blues』『The Great B.B.King』の重量盤LPとのセット販売も実施。TシャツはVGAのみの販売となります。


*Orders outside Japan are not subject to consumption tax.

*Please note that these products are a limited editions and will end of sales as it runs out.

*The manufacturer of the T-shirt is GILDAN 2000 Ultra Cotton 6.0 oz Short Sleeve T-Shirt
※Tシャツのボディはギルダン 2000 6.0オンス ウルトラコットン Tシャツになります。

*"Singin' The Blues" and "The Great B.B. King" LP will be distributed in some other stores.
※Singin' The Blues"と"The Great B.B. King"のLPは一部他店にて流通するアイテムとなります。

Exclusive Item

* Purchases from outside Japan are tax exempt
* Cancellation is not possible after booking
* The shipping date is scheduled for mid-August.
* Payment can be made by paypal, credit card, or cash on delivery (only in Japan).
* Paypal will be settled at the time of ordering
* Credits will be settled at the time of shipment


Our concept

P-VINE starts a new project "VINYL GOES AROUND".

We will keep contributing to increasing the value of vinyl records around the world. First of all, we will start buying/selling used records, we will also develop exclusive products and sell rare items available only from us. Then here will be a place where people will gradually gather, a small community be formed, develops into a place where collectors from all over the world can connect each other, finally, our goal, there will be a marketplace where vinyl records are easy to obtain. Wish vinyl records will be reach people all around the world. ~Vinyl Goes Around~


私たちは世界中のヴァイナル・レコードの価値を高めることに貢献していきます。 まずは、中古レコードの買取りと販売をスタートさせると同時にエクスクルーシヴ商品の開発をし、ここでしか買えないレアなアイテムを販売していきます。そして徐々にここに人が集まり、将来的には小さなコミュニティーが生まれ、世界中のコレクター同士が繋がる場へと発展し、レコードを手に入れやすいマーケットプレイスが形成されることを目指します。
たくさんのレコードが世界中の皆様に届くように~Vinyl Goes Around~

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